About us

Peak Porter AD is an intralogistics general contractor. We design, manufacture and integrate automated storage and retrieval system in warehouses. 

We offer customer-specific solutions with the vision of maximum efficiency and maximum functionality. While focusing primarily on the automotive industry’s needs for production and ready-for-shipment products storage, our solution has 3 types of cranes. The Maxi crane is ideal for big boxes and heavy storage needs, the Midi crane is flexible for moderate requirements with up to 150 kgs weight carrying, and the Mini crane is perfect for low ceiling locations storage in production areas. 

We have standard designs, thus a full cycle of product implementation is fast (up to 6 months) and have affordable costs. 


Proven solution for automotive

We provide automation based on known needs and goods handling requirements.

Reliable provider

We offer 98%+ availability for equipment usage with a continuous improvement process.

Low total cost of ownership

We create awareness of the Total Cost of Ownership and how Return On Investment needs to be looked at over a long period.

Carbon footprint transparency

We developed a new customer experience allowing customers to calculate emissions created.

Plug and play WCS solution

We offer a fast integration of WCS to WMS, and do not require IT multiple resources from customers’ side. 

Short sales cycle

We establish digital solutions (data analysis and constructor) to shorten concept creation. Customers shall be convinced of the need for automation.