About Us

Peak Porter AD is a globally operating intralogistics technology company. It covers the intralogistics value-added chain with our products and solutions. That’s why we work for complete solutions from a single source, fast project execution and continuous availability of systems with reliable partnerships.

We design, develop and manufacture high quality products based on diverse expertise and extensive experience. We offer customer-specific solutions with the vision of maximum efficiency and maximum functionality.


Automated Storage Rack Systems

Storage and Retrieval Machine (SRM)

Bin and Pallet Conveyor Systems

Vertical Lift Conveyor Systems

Rail and Automated Guided Vehicles


General Contractor

Planning and Consulting




Project Management (PMI Methodology)

IT and Automation Solutions

Service and Maintenance


Creating a system in European standards by using first quality products

More affordable prices than the market

Price – performance advantage

Accurate analysis and requirement determination of intralogistics processes

Using the latest technology focused on “efficiency and quality”

High performance solutions

Perfectionism in production and design

Minimum failure frequency

Experienced after-sales service – maintenance team”

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