Storage and Retrieval Machine (SRM)

The Automatic Storage and Retrieval Machine (SRM) performs storage and retrieval of goods by moving longitudinally along the aisles between the racks. It takes the products from the transfer units and places them in the storage units.

  • Pallet SRM
  • Mini Load SRM
  • Shuttle SRM
  • Aircraft Tire SRM

Performance: Bidirectional automatic movement, speed, maximum operational performance with minimum malfunction and error.

Cost and Efficiency: Efficient use of the area and decrease in manpower, decrease in costs and increase in productivity.

Scalability: High performance even in intensive operation.

Usability: Optimum use of the system through effective software and planning.

Durability: Selection of the components used in the system based on safety and quality; thus minimizing errors, malfunctions and damage.

Safety: Reducing the risk of accidents by minimizing human intervention.



With using the potential energy from the lowering and braking movements of SRM. Regenerative power supply units take care of the rest, they feed the recovered energy back into the supply system.


Before starting to movement, system calculate best acceleration and deceleration time for energy efficiency. With this method, in same cycle time spend less energy to reach destination.

These two technology permits SRM to save up to %25 energy.

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